Books all day everyday.

Technology…it’s everywhere, so ingrained in our lives that we couldn’t possibly live without it. If not for it, I wouldn’t even be writing this post.  And as an IT admin, I’m surrounded by it every day.  However, there are some things which are so often taken for granted that should never be, one of these is the gift of being able to read.  I confess that I didn’t enjoy reading as a child, and it was only in my late 20s that I can honestly say I started on the path that lead me to become the bookworm that I am today.  Reading is a gift and a good book is something to be cherished.  Books are there to help us learn, explore, self-reflect and evolve. To all of the readers and fellow bibliophiles, I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know and I’m sure you can relate to my feelings, but for those who are getting into reading or even contemplating it, you’ve made a wise decisions as reading more as you age will help your life in ways you never knew possible.  This blog is my review of the books that I’ve chosen over the course of my life and what I gained from each one.  Enjoy.

  1. I did not enjoy reading as a child, either. When I did find materials or topics I enjoyed, I received discouragement. Now I read what I wanted to learn about all along. :).

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    • I can certainly relate. One thing I love about reading is that with a good book, you can go anywhere you want and you can be in your own world. Now that I’m older, I can’t imagine going a day without reading!

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  2. The more I read, the more I realize how little I know…which makes me want to read even more!


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