Che Guevara Speaks -Ernesto Guevara and Steve Clark

GuevaraChe Guevara, the icon for revolution throughout the world, left behind speeches and significant writings on political consciousness and reform.  This collection of his most memorable speeches and letters gives us insight into the mind of the mythical revolutionary.  During his short time on the island of Cuba, he performed several duties including on occasion, ambassador to the Soviet Union, the head of the La Cabana prison and Minister of Finance.  His travels around the world and interaction with leaders of other nations also engaged in armed revolutionary struggle, helped to shape the ideas and actions of the late Argentine doctor.  A man of complex character, he was beloved by some and loathed by others.  His face can be found on t-shirts, coffee mugs, social media and even in tattoos.   No public figure escapes controversy and Che is no different.  And while the debate as to how much he actually did for Cuba will rage for years, his words in this book are some of the best to be spoken about the times in which he lived.

In the aftermath of the Cuban revolution, the United States government began to seek remedy after remedy to remove Fidel Castro from power.  Some of these plans involved former Cuban exiles and members of the Italian-American mafia.  The efforts against the Castro regime were a reflection of the U.S. policy that was in effect throughout Latin America.  Looking to Cuba as an example, other Latin nations and those in Africa and Asia began to see a rise in revolutionary activity in an effort to finally break free from the shackles of imperialism.  Che, forever observant and analytical, spoke out on numerous occasions against U.S. aggression.  Destined to meet his fate in the jungles of Bolivia on October 9, 1967, his death pushed him to martyr status and cemented his legacy as a pioneer of modern freedom movements.  Students of the revolution and those wishing to understand the world view of the people of Cuba in the 1960s will do themselves a favor by reading this brilliant collection of Guevara’s work.

ISBN-10: 0873489101
ISBN-13: 978-0873489102