JFK Has Been Shot: A Parkland Hospital Surgeon Speaks Out-Charles Crenshaw, M.D.

51goclba5il-_sx303_bo1204203200_On November 22, 1963, Charles Crenshaw was a resident surgeon working at Parkland Hospital when President John F. Kennedy arrived mortally wounded following an ambush in Dealey Plaza.  Crenshaw, along with many other physicians that day, relied upon all of their medical training in an effort to save the President’s life.  Following Kennedy’s death, rumors, misstatements and mystery began to surround the events that took place inside Trauma Room 1 that day and two days later in Trauma Room 2, when Lee Harvey Oswald arrived after being fatally wounded by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas County jail.

For many years after the events of that horrific weekend in November, 1963, a majority of the doctors remained silent about what they saw that day and their role in the treatment administered to the dying President.  Crenshaw, in direct rejection of an order given by then head surgeon Charles Baxter, decided to write his account of his role that day and published the first version of this book then titled ‘JFK: Conspiracy of Silence’ which has been revised and renamed to the current title.  Dr. Crenshaw’s memoir takes us back in time into Trauma Room 1 and the arrival of the Presidential motorcade.  The recollections are gritty and unrelenting and through his words we are able to visualize the massive wounds sustained by John F. Kennedy and Gov. John Connally and the desperate attempts of the hospital staff to save JFK and the successful effort that saved the life of Gov. Connally.    He also recalls the often overlooked extensive treatment given to the alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, two days later on Nov. 24.

This book, which became a #1 bestseller upon its release, is an invaluable piece of literature about one of the darkest days in American history where the government and direction of this nation changed course.   The doctors at Parkland Hospital faced insurmountable tasks that weekend in their attempts to save the lives of three men forever joined in history through murder, deception and complicity.  The book also forces us to ask many what if questions, some of which, if they had been answered, would have changed the investigation into the death of the President and his alleged assassin.  For any JFK assassination researcher or just anyone curious about what exactly happened inside Parkland Hospital, this book is a must read.



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