Retired Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry reveals his personal JFK Assassination File-Jesse Curry

71OsgNOwLRLOn June 22, 1980, retired Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry dies of a heart attack in his sleep at his Dallas home at the age of 66.  Curry had retired from the force in 1966 at the advice of doctors after suffering two heart attacks.  In 1969, reflecting on his life in law enforcement, he wrote this short account of his recollections of the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.   Curry kept a small personal file during the investigation before it was taken over by the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the orders of director J. Edgar Hoover.   As early as the evening of November 22, agents from the FBI began to seize evidence from the Dallas Police under the guise of transporting the evidence to FBI labs for further analysis.  The seizure of critical evidence and the illegal removal of Kennedy’s body from Dallas without an autopsy are just two fragments of a haphazard and horribly insufficient investigation that left more questions than answers.

Chief Curry had been in the lead car of the motorcade making him a crucial eye-witness to the events in Dealey Plaza.  He gave his testimony before the Warren Commission on April 15, 1964.   This limited collector’s edition of Curry’s book reveals the beliefs of the former chief and sheds slight on several interesting parts of the crime that have never been fully explained. Curry is frank and to the point making it clear that the book is not intended to support the Warren Commission’s conclusions or any other conclusions that have been made about the crime.  He further states that it is up to each person to make up their mind on what they think really happened on that day.   Provided in the book are miscellaneous pieces of evidence such as documentation taken off of Oswald, homicide reports and statements of officers of the force regarding the custody of Oswald and the alleged relationship between Jack Ruby and the Dallas Police.

In the years that have passed since the release of Curry’s book, a staggering amount of information has come to light regarding the events of that day.   And what we know now conflicts with some of the statements in Curry’s book.  But whether Curry was unaware of these facts or misstated certain facts is knowledge he took with him to the grave.  In fairness, the book was never intended to be a smoking gun about the crime but rather the recollections of the top office in the Dallas Police at the time.  With that being said, I think it’s a good read and unquestionably relevant to the growing amount of literature regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


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