Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy- Jim Marrs

20180603_134850The murder of John F. Kennedy continues to haunt the United States.  Although more than fifty years have passed since that tragic day in Dallas,  the investigation into his murder continues and researchers have not given up hope in finding out the truth surrounding the events in Dealey Plaza.  Allen Dulles once remarked that people don’t read and that most Americans would never read the Warren Commission’s report.  Painfully true, the former director of the CIA’s statement reflects a troubling fact about the investigation in the murder of our 35th President, that many Americans did not read and have not read the commission’s report and accept the story of the lone nut.  However, doubters and critics have increased in number throughout the years and many people have spoken out in regards to the crime of the century.   The assassination has resulted in hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, dozens of books, articles, websites and documentaries.   But the question that is always asked, is where to start?

To say that the murder of John F. Kennedy was a crime on a massive scale is an understatement.   To understand just what happened on that day in November, 1963, it is necessary to comprehend the entire crime from start to finish.  Jim Marrs, a former journalist and resident of Dallas at the time of the murder, has given to us what is the definitive book on the assassination and investigation that followed.  And to this day it has stood the test of time as a masterpiece of investigative journalism.  Not only was it a  New York Times bestseller but it also served as the basis for Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK’.

But what really happened on November 22, 1963?  The government’s position on the crime seemed simple enough at first; a former Marine who embrace communism that fired three shots with a bolt-action rifle killing the President and wounding Governor John Connally.  But when one digs deeper into the crime and reads through this encyclopedic account of what was really happening in Dallas and Washington, a dark and uglier truth begins to emerge that shows the government in a completely different light.   One thing I’d like to point out is that as exceptional as this book is, it is not exactly a smoking gun, no book on the crime is. And as Marrs points out towards in the end of the book, it’s more likely that we’ll never know how pulled the triggers in Dealey Plaza that day.  We may also never know who really shot JFK and J.D. Tippitt and what Jack Ruby’s true role was in the plot.  And many questions about Oswald’s life and mysterious periods of unexplained travel domestic and abroad will never be answered fully.  Almost all of the major figures in the book are now deceased. However, what you will find in this book, is why he was murdered and who was most likely responsible and profited from Kennedy’s death.

For some of us who consider ourselves patriots of the highest order, it may be tempting to dismiss Marrs as another crack pot conspiracy theorist. But I assure you that as you make your way though this book, many disturbing truths will come to light that will force you to question everything you thought you knew about the crime.   The amount of research that went into this book is staggering and at first glance overwhelming.  But as you make it through the book, your knowledge of the crime will expand exponentially and by the end of it, I believe you will have a clearer picture of what was really happening in the United States on November 22, 1963.   Some people may read this book and feel that Oswald is still the lone trigger man.  But others will begin to think and ask if the murders of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald and J.D. Tippitt were random acts of violence or murders connected in a web of deceit that resulted in one of the worst crimes in the history of this nation.

ISBN-10: 0465031803
ISBN-13: 978-0465031801



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